Woltering Works for creating value


Creating value and international business development

Woltering Works combines analytical skills with creativity for the development of products and services that offer value for international markets and societies.

We solve issues, find opportunities, strengthen your strategy and define new proposals and a concise planning to implement them successfully. The tailor-made proposals are original and well elaborated. Extensive experience in strategic planning and project management make sure your goals are reached to create value. Just give Marie-Thérèse a call to discuss how she can help you to improve your business or organization. Possibly some simple interventions will be enough.

Initiator of projects

mtic_logoWoltering Works initiates international collaboration projects for innovation based on her combined experience in business, international relations and the creative sector. A recent success is the product development and knowledge exchange project of Dutch and Colombian designers and universities: MTic-design, an alliance of Woltering Works and Studio Bas Sala.


Marie-Thérèse is …

Marie-ThérèseValue and solution driven, international networker, culturally sensitive, workshop facilitator, presenter, knowledge provider, unconventional, pragmatic, analytical, inventive, skillful, curious, sincere. Keywords: Latin America, Dutch, English, Spanish, MBA, Ma International Relations, ICSR, SROI, innovation and improvement.

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